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Sleepy Time Balm

This tin of Sleepy Balm is the perfect addition to your children's bedtime routine and you can rest well knowing only the best, natural ingredients are used in our formulas.

To promote restful sleep apply a small amount of our Sleepy Balm to the your child's temples, inner wrists, and the soles of their feet. This product is safe for use on toddlers over one year old, small children, and even adults with insomnia.

This Beeswax Lotion balm is a highly moisturizing lotion in the convenience of a hard tin. Luscious, vitamin rich oils and butters are blended with local beeswax. Beeswax has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well as germicidal antioxidants. Beeswax works extremely well as a skin protectant due to its ability to lock in moisture. This bar is especially great on hands, feet and elbows. It consistency is rich and it absorbs quickly.

1 ounce tin with a screw on lid

To apply lotion, simply rub your fingers in the tin. Warmth from your hands melts the beeswax and applies lotion.

Great smelling & moisturizing concentrated lotion with no dyes, chemicals, parabens, or preservatives.

*Do not store at temperature above 85 degrees* Should your balm lose solid form, store at room temperature, or fridge to harden again

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