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Mermaid Bath Salts

Condintions water and provides nutrients to the skin
- Leaves skin petal soft and lightly fragranced
- Grest muscle relaxer and an excellent stress reducer
- Provides relief from psoriosis
- Epsom salts relieve muscles aches and pains
- A sea salt bath provides relaxation and mineral to your skin
- Our 8 Herbal extract blend helps to revitalize the skin
- 100% All Natural and Organic Certified

Ingredients: Pacific Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salts, Baking Soda, Vitamin E and Aloe

Benefits: Bath salts benefit your skin in more ways than one. Bath salts, when used in their natural, pure form, contain many beneficial minerals and nutrients that keep your skin smooth, soft, and supple. Some of the minerals found in bath salts include magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromide, and of course, sodium. These minerals are easily absorbed into our pores and are known to cleanse and purify our skin on a molecular level, improving your skin’s radiance, tone, and texture. Magnesium helps us fight stress and combat fatigue; calcium keeps water retention in check, promotes healthy bones and can help stave off osteoporosis; potassium balances moisture levels in the skin; bromide soothes tired, sore muscles; sodium plays a significant role in managing the balance of lymphatic fluid in our bodies. The result? Bath salts benefit not only our skin, but our entire bodies – from the inside out.

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Matthew Recco
Wonderful company

Had trouble ordering through another site and I was guided to this site and it was very fair priced for what I ordered and will remain a place to return to.

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