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Hey everyone! I am Kenzie Davis an artisan based in the heart of North Georgia! I create one of a kind, hand-poured, herbal infusions. This includes soy candles, balms, salves, lip and body products and so much more. Each of my products includes ingredients that are locally sourced and infused for a minimum of 3 to 8 months.   

If you or someone you know is a herbal lover, this subscription apothecary club is the perfect thing for you and them! For just a small amount of money a month, depending on what you pledge, you will receive happy mail with new scents every month! Various tiers will include different item combinations! Since every month you will receive all different designs and won’t know what they look like until you open the package! Say one month you LOVED the monthly scent that arrived in your mailbox but then next month, it may not be the scent for you, you can gift them to someone else! :)

However you participate and support my business, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I grew up dreaming up this life that I live now when I thought it was such a pipe dream. It’s because of the love and support from you guys that I get to live my childhood dream to be a full time artisan, own my own studio and wake up happier every day because I truly love what I do!

Thank you so much!

Love you guys!

Kenzie Davis
Old World Apothecary

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