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Whether you want a romantic bath or just a relaxing one, this bath tea is perfect for you!

Our bath teas and bath bombs/ bars are handcrafted with organic botanicals

Instructions: Add approximately 2 heaped tbsp. of salts/milk blend to your bath. Let it dissolve and enjoy pure relaxation. These containers come with a organza bag. If you prefer a bath without herbs floating in the water, simply put the bath salts in the bag and allow to soak. A little more than half of an ounce is enough for a fragrant and relaxing bath. Once done with the bag, empty and allow to dry out for the next use.

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Relaxing Milk Bath- Salt & Tea Infusion

From  $4.99

Energizing Bath Salt Blend

From  $4.99

Relaxing Rose Bath Salt Blend

From  $4.99

Mermaid Bath Salts

From  $6.99

Bath Bombs - Floral/Fruity- Discontinued


Body Oil, Massage Oil

From  $13.99

Energizing Milk Bath- Salt & Tea Infusion

From  $4.99

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